Dr. Dolhanty is announcing the upcoming launch of an innovative program for personal and professional growth, and for transformative leadership training.

Dr. Joanne DolhantyThe program is based on her life’s work and was created in response to the overwhelming demand to bring her psychotherapy and family healing model out of the mental health world and into the lives of everyday people, organizations, and businesses.

It is based also on theory and research in Humanistic Psychology, Emotion Focused Therapy and Emotion Focused Skills Training.

Drawing on her extensive background working with motivation and emotion and with facilitating change through psychotherapy, Dr. Dolhanty invites us to explore common myths and define a new equation of the motivation, mechanism, and implementation of change.

She offers a window into an Emotion Focused understanding of being stuck and getting unstuck.

The program supports growth by empowering people with a structured and practical set of skills and tools to navigate the challenges and struggles of everyday life, work, leadership, sport, and relationships.

Dr. Dolhanty’s new program offers a simple method to move from being “under the wheels” to being “at the wheel” and in the driver’s seat of your emotional brain.